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  • Steel structure

      Tianfon Steel structure has first-rank housing construction general contracting qualification, the class a qualification of special steel structure design, engineering construction of one class aptitude, manufacture premium quality, construction metal house (wall) design and construction of premium quality, has the world's advanced level of construction steel structure manufacturing equipment, first-class scientific research and construction team, advanced management mode, more perfect after-sales service and quality, technology, management, monitoring network, has established a focus is committed to energy-saving building steel structure and its retaining system of scientific research, design, marketing, production, construction, after-sales service in the areas of high-quality, professional team.

      As a key project in the tianfon group focus on cultivating industry, established the company is given priority to with high-rise residential, office buildings and other high-level, high-rise steel structure building system; In airports, Bridges, convention and exhibition center, stadiums and other public buildings of large span space steel structure system; With all kinds of industrial buildings, warehouses, supermarkets, multi-storey steel structure construction of light steel structure building system, and joint development with more government built the industrial concentration area, multiple awarded the national gold prize, high-quality steel structure engineering.

  • Energy-saving plates

      Henan tianfon sheet energy saving technology co., LTD., affiliated to henan tianfon group was founded in 2007, which owns the sichuan tianfon energy saving board co., LTD., xinjiang river day of abundant energy saving board co., LTD.

      Company specializing in the design of the energy-saving building containment system research and development, manufacturing and sales services. Main products include: industrial energy-saving polyurethane board board, rock wool board, glass wool board, glass surface composite insulation curtain wall plate, the metal surface composite insulation curtain wall plate, plate in civilian integration of exterior wall thermal insulation decoration, industrial door, integrated housing. Company introduction of many sets of world advanced energy-saving plate continuous production equipment, capable of producing energy conservation plank production capacity of 5 million square meters, is one of the largest green energy-saving plates and six provinces in central integrated housing production base.

      The company has provincial enterprise center, postdoctoral research and development base, energy conservation construction engineering technology research center and the provincial energy conservation plank and integrated building systems engineering technology research center. With strong scientific research strength, 43 national patent products.

  • Housing construction

      Henan integrated housing, affiliated with henan tianfon group. Within the scope of the world's first create a predominantly plate agency system integration house, we always uphold the with fast speed, strong, environmental protection and energy saving material for customers with high-grade and comfortable home products concept, continuously improve production process, technology, introduced in board and metal polyurethane sandwich board two major series of products system, include the civilian residential, military housing, tourism scenic spots in the field of public housing and so on more than 10 products.

      Henan tianfon integrated housing, relying on the national energy-saving plate production base, the first can be formed with 47 square meters integrated production scale of the building. At the same time the company implements the modern enterprise management, and through the ISO9000 quality management system certification.

      Henan tianfon group is listed as the national center for integrated housing mobilization.

  • Intelligent Equipment

    Cold roll forming industry leader in China, 

    With 20 years manufacture experience, full set cold roll forming factory output integrated technology and high quality professional R&D team, production team, after-service team. providing flexible roll forming solutions to satisfy different requirements from customer .

  • Steel trade

      Henan tianfon steel trade co., LTD., henan tianfon group owned trading company is one of the five major industries. Tianfon steel trading company was founded in the early 1990 s, after more than 20 years of development, has now become China's most influential one of frontal plating steel traders, is the largest plating board dealer center department. In order to better serve customers, the company has established subsidiaries in wuhan, xi 'an, xinxiang, marketing network all over the country. Perennial inventory of more than 20000 tons, annual sales of more than ten thousand tons, products are exported to more than a dozen countries and regions in the world.

      Our partners are baosteel, wisco, hebei iron and steel, shandong crown chau, baosteel Yellowstone, the United States owens, Illinois in building, wuxi xinda, bluescope steel, xinjiang bayi iron and steel, etc.

  • New Resource

    New Resource dedicated to all kinds of photovoltaic (pv) Solar-thermal power station support system integration (power station form, support and material) design, supply and installation.

  • Industrial Real Estate

    According to the national requirement of intensive economical use of land and realization the development of industry cluster, relying on the advantage of the company green assembling steel structure industry resources, Tianfon built Tianfon industrial park integrated high technology service, industrialization and information and collaborative development platform for the intelligent park. It united the commercial office, industrial developing, and technology and services such functions which meet industry office production requirements in electronic information, light biopharmaceutical, new materials and food processing and machinery processing etc.

     National Innovation Service Center

     Henan Small Entrepreneurial Base

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